Russ Emanuel, Producer, Director
(Producer, Director)

Originally from San Francisco, Russ grew up in both Japan and the United States, garnering an international viewpoint of the world throughout his childhood. After graduating from the University of Southern California to study Cinema-Television, International Relations and Japanese, and gaining more production experience at the UCLA Extension Program, he founded Russem Productions in 2002 to promote his shorts films including HER KNIGHT (2003) and the award-winning GIRL WITH GUN (2005). He also produced several shorts including MAVET (2004), the zombie-flick THE DIARY (2004), and most recently vampire film PERFECT RED (2006). Presently, P.J. marks Emanuel's first foray into feature filmmaking.


Howard Nash, Producer

An actor since the late 1970s, Howard Nash has starred in numerous independent films, notably THE MEETING in 2004. However, he is best known as an independent filmmaker, having co-produced the cult film CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT for Columbia Tri-Star in 1991. He also produced SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (MTI, 2002), which is available in most video stores throughout the US and Canada. In 2005, he completed TRACKS (where he appears in a cameo), which also starred John Heard, along with Ice-T. He also produced the television special FELLICIANO, THE LEGEND (for PBS) starring the legendary singer, Jose Feliciano, and has produced promotional videos for the Beijing Circus, Cirque du Soleil, and the original members of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO II).


Craig Frankel, Executive Producer
(Executive Producer)

Residing in Texas, Craig Frankel has always been interested in films. P.J. marks his first venture into feature filmmaking. He and his family also have cameos in P.J. as Accident Bystanders.


Russell W. Hooper III, Executive Producer
(Executive Producer)

A resident of Tennessee, Russell W. Hoooper III has always loved film, majoring in film production in college: P.J. marks his first venture into feature filmmaking. He has a cameo as the Repairman in the film.


Mark Mc Quown, Producer, Story, Screenplay
(Producer, Story, Screenplay)

Mark Mc Quown, the original playwright/writer of P.J., is an Award Winning/Produced playwright, an Award Winning/Optioned/Produced screenwriter with many finished scripts listed in Mr. Mc Quown has been honored with winning at the 1997 Santa Clarita International Film Festival, Animation Division with THE ROCKING HORSE CHRISTMAS, the 2000 Telluride Independent Film Festival with THE TAHOE SIGNAL, the 2002 Telluride Independent Film Festival with DOT GONE and the 2002-2003 Key West Independent Film Festival with PIER 21. Most recently Mr. Mc Quown was a Finalist, along with co-writer Donna Lizzio, in The International Family Film Festival, Animation genre with THE CAT AND THE RAT, 2005 at The Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City.


Emilio Iasiello, Screenplay

Currently residing in Washington D.C., Emilio Iasiello is originally a political speechwriter. He recently turned to screenwriting, writing the script for the feature film SAINT CHRISTOPHER (2002). Due to this success, Howard Nash approached him about writing the screenplay for P.J.


Tomax Aponte, Associate Producer
(Associate Producer)

Residing in Los Angeles Tomax currently has several projects under development. He is also in the process of writing his first book about the American-Latino culture. He is a graduate of the Digital Film Academy and is expected to helm his first feature titled THE RIFT in mid-2008.


(Unit Production Manager)

A hard-working individual, Raz Cunningham has shown an incredible ability to manage feature film productions. His previous credits include: IDLEWILD (2006), A CRIME (2006), and OFF THE BLACK (2006). He currently resides in New York, NY.


Seth Melnick, Director of Photography
(Director of Photography)

Seth Melnick is an accomplished Director of Photography and a business-oriented producer. Originally a technical consultant he managed projects with budgets of several million dollars and dozens of people such as and the first Internet ISP in Brazil, Seth co-created SLM Production Group LLC with Lauzanne Nel as a venue to produce original and provocative works. As a production company they have been involved in the production of over a dozen feature films, many shorts, videos, trailers and animations. They are equipped to bring project from concept through pre-production, principle photography, editing, and other post-production to a completed product. He is currently deep into post-production on AMERICAN STANDARD, a clever comedy based on a never been done before concept. He is one of the producers and the director of photography for the project.


Sarah Kirchner, Production Designer
(Production Designer)

Sarah Kirchner is a graduate of NYU Tisch's Department of Design for Stage and Film, where she received her MFA in Set Design. She has designed for student, community, and summer stock theatre. Favorite designs include CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (Allenberry Theatre, Boiling Springs, PA), OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS (Barnstormers' Theatre, Tamworth, NH) and UNCLE VANYA (Tisch Graduate Acting Program). Besides P.J., she has also designed numerous short films.


Lisa Faibish, Costume Designer
(Costume Designer)

Lisa Faibish, a native of San Francisco, is currently residing in NYC for the last 10 years. She also is a costume historian and a stylist, having worked at The Costume Institute and The Metropolitan Museum of Art for 8 years.


Lauzanne Nel, Key Makeup Artist
(Key Makeup Artist)

Residing in New York, Lauzanne Nel has worked on many productions as a makeup artist. Her credits include: STANLEY CUBA (2006), SHOCKED JOCK (2006), PLASTERHEAD (2006), and THE SHANGHAI HOTEL (2006). Also, along with Seth Melnick, she is a co-founder of SLM Group LLC as a venue to produce original and provocative works including a film she also produced, AMERICAN STANDARD, which is currently in post-production. She also has a cameo as a Pregnant Woman in P.J.


Joshua Hilson, Production and Post Sound Mixer - N.Y.
(Production and Post Sound Mixer - N.Y.)

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Joshua Hilson has worked on various productions as a production and post sound mixer. His production sound mixing credits include: BOX OF BUTTONS (2005), AT THE BEACH (2005), DOUBLE DEALING (2005), WATER LILIES (2005), 20 SOMETHING (2006), and MISSING GIRL (2006). He is also currently working in post sound mixing on Seth Melnick/Lauzanne Nel's AMERICAN STANDARD (2007).


Chuck Reina, Boom Operator
(Boom Operator)

Currently residing in NY, Chuck Reina works on various productions with Joshua Hilson including P.J.


Sean Fahimian, Post Sound Mixer (L.A.)
(Post Sound Mixer - L.A.)

As a Re-recoding Mixer and Editor with 13 years of experience in Post Production and Production industry working on Reality TV, Features, Television, Trailers, Music, On-Air Promo's, Radio, and DVD Authoring. Providing clients with more and with better than they may expect almost anywhere else. Southern California-based audio post Production Company for film, television, and multimedia. On the leading edge of technology which is why Sound Design Digital Post clients enjoy the complete scope of superior sound prep, pre-lay and mixing services-All under one roof. Benefiting from an extensive sound effects library, Foley, ADR, Music mixing, Music editing. Every Client is assured of receiving personal service that is dedicated and responsive all the way through in a friendly client oriented studio with free DSL Service and gourmet coffee. He previously worked with Russ Emanuel on GIRL WITH GUN (2005) - which was nominated for Best Sound, and PERFECT RED (2007).


Emile Haris, Editor

A graduate in both Writing and Film from Long Beach State, it's all about making movies for this enthusiastic individual. Haris, together with Yos Park produced the sci-fi short FRAKIE DIED (2000), which they put under their production company, Atomicgum Productions. Next, he teamed up with USC graduate Russ Emanuel and created HER KNIGHT (2003), a contemporary romance with strong fantastical as well as historical elements. His editing credits include: MAVET (2004) which he also wrote / directed, and most recently GIRL WITH GUN (2005) and PERFECT RED (2006).


Neil Argo, Composer

Classically trained, Neil Argo's dramatic and provocative scores have been heard all over the world. From the TV series WILD AMERICA, THE NEW MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, and BEVERLY HILLS 90210 among others, he has composed for many noteworthy projects. More recently, he teamed up with director Russ Emanuel, composing scores for his films HER KNIGHT and GIRL WITH GUN (which he and Emanuel both shared a Silver Music For Excellence Award at the Park City Film Music Festival). He also won 2 Emmy awards for the SURVIVORS OF THE SKELETON COAST National Geographic episode and A COMMUNITY OF CARING documentary for the Directors Guild of America.


Zeynep Catal
(Key Gaffer)

From Turkey, Zeynep Catal has worked in New York on many films in the Lighting and Camera departments. Her gaffer credits include: SEA OF DUST (2006), LET THEM CHIRP AWHILE (2007), and KARMA CALLING (2007). Her assistant camera credits include: SUBTERFUGE (1996) and COMPLETELY TOTALLY UTTERLY (2001).


Jason De Jesus, Key Grip
(Key Grip)

Living in New York, his grip credits include: THE DAWN CHORUS (2006) and SEXINA: POPSTAR P.I. (2006). He was also an electrician on FLUTTER KICK (2005).


Aileen Taylor, First Assistant Camera
(First Assistant Camera)

Residing in New York, Aileen Taylor works in the camera department, specializing in focus pulling.


Jeremy L. Luena, Second Assistant Camera
(Second Assistant Camera)

From Connecticut, Jeremy L. Luena is a film buff. He came to New York to pursue filmmaking, working on various film productions including P.J.


Amy Williams, Location Manager
(Location Manager)

Having worked on various productions in locations, Michigan-native Amy Williams knows all the ins and outs of New York (where she has lived for the past 6 years). Her current locations credits include: THE TOURIST (2007) and THE DOORMAN (2007). She also has a cameo as a Homeless Woman in P.J.


Pavel Ezrohi, First Assistant Director, Assistant Location Manager
(First Assistant Director, Assistant Location Manager)

Residing in New York, Pavel Ezrohi works on various productions in a variety of roles including Location Manager and Assistant Director. His credits include LATINO BEGINNINGS and LANDLOCKED (for Pointless Pictures). He also has a cameo as a Doctor in P.J.


Kary Hyun-Jeong Rho, Second Assistant Director, Still Photographer
(Second Assistant Director, Still Photographer)

Kary Hyun-Jeong Rho is a jack of all trades, from still photography, editing and assitant direction. Her current credits include: ON THE ROCKS (2006) as editor. From South Korea, Kary has also lived in San Francisco, CA before coming to New York in 2006. She also has a cameo as a Nurse in P.J.


Joseph Notovitz, Still Photographer, Poster Artist
(Still Photographer, Poster Artist)

Residing in New York, Joseph Notovitz is a professional poster artist and still photographer. He is also the founder of Notovitz Communications, Inc. (his company provided post-production services for SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (2002). He also has a cameo as a Homeless Dad in P.J.


Lisa Greenberg, Still Photographer
(Still Photographer)

A resident of New York, living in Queens, Lisa Greenberg always had a love of still photography. She also works as a closed captioning writer for TV. And she has a cameo as a Homeless Mom in P.J.


Sam O'Brien, Production Coordinator
(Production Coordinator)

From Pennsylvania, Sam O'Brien is currently studying in New York studying film production and writing. He started out in the industry for the TV show FOX AND FRIENDS starring in 27 episodes. His current credits include: THE BABYSITTERS (2007) and CASTLES OF CAMEROON (2007). He also has a cameo as a Homeless Man in P.J.


Jason Foulke, Script Supervisor
(Script Supervisor)

A resident of New York, Jason Foulke is an accomplished script supervisor. His other credits include: POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD (2006).


John-Eric Schuman, Stunt Coordinator
(Stunt Coordinator)

A resident of both Los Angeles and New York, John-Eric Schuman has worked on many productions as a stunt coordinator. His credits include: THE TOURNAMENT (2005), GHOST DANCE (2005, BUILDING GIRL (2005), A VERY SERIOUS PERSON (2006), MR. GIBB (2006), BERNARD AND DORIS (2007), and AFTERMATH (2007). He also has co-produced RACING DAYLIGHT which is currently in post-production (he also was a stunt coordinator on this film).


Christopher Hamilton, 2nd Unit Director of Photography
(2nd Unit Director of Photography)

Having worked extensively with HD cameras and the Steadicam, Christopher Hamilton brings his extensive expterise to P.J for the 2nd Unit Los Angeles Shoot. He has shot several other films including most recently HEAVEN SENT. He is originally from Miami, FL and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Haruyo Sawada, 2nd Unit Makeup Artist
(2nd Unit Makeup Artist)

Trained at the Elegance International INC. Academy of Professional Makeup, graduating in 2001, as well as Allied Fashion Artists Workshop in Las Vegas and Workshop by Sharon Gault, Haruyo Sawada began working on films in 2002. Starting with TWO DAYS, she would go on doing various films including OFF TRACK BETTING and Salvation. More recently, she worked on Russ Emanuel's short film GIRL WITH GUN. She has also done commercials such as "Got Milk!?", "Michael Anto", and "Laurence of La Brea", as well as the music videos, AZUL VIOLETA and AKWID/BREAKDOWN BY DAY. She and her husband also own a professional photography studio location in downtown Los Angeles.


Ernest J. Saunders, 2nd Unit Production Sound Mixer
(2nd Unit Production Sound Mixer)

A professional sound mixer based in Los Angeles, CA, Ernest J. Saunders III has been involved in numerous productions including: LANA'S RAIN (2002), THE FRANK & JUDY SHOW (2006), and THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X (2007). Next up for him is MOE in 2008.


Scott Brown, Documentarian

An award winning actor, director and producer of such short films as THE INERMISSION MAN (2004) and SHAKESPEARE’S DEAD (2006), P.J. marks Scott’s debut into documentary film making (he shot the Los Angeles shoot documentary as well as the orchestra recording session, and incorporating the documentary footage Patrick Molloy shot during the New York shoot). He lives and produces films from his home in Northern California.


Nick Smirnoff, 2nd Unit Still Photographer
(2nd Unit Still Photographer)

A professional photographer, Nick Smirnoff uses his talents in a variety of fields including photojournalism (where he photographed "Marching Firefighters", "Fire/Water Helicopter", and "Monolith California"), fine art ("Models auditioning for a photo layout", "Abandoned Service Station" and "Eats", the last two from the Highway 395 Series), commercials ("Promoting Wind Energy"), and of course, still photography for films (such as on Russ Emanuel's short film GIRL WITH GUN).